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White Collar Crimes

“White collar crimes” involve a wide variety of conduct, ranging from fraud to embezzlement to regulatory offenses. This type of prosecution is different. Not only will there be a dispute over your actions, there will be a dispute over whether you have even violated the law.


You need to contact a lawyer the second you suspect you are under investigation by the federal government for any white collar crime. Not just any lawyer. It is critical you contact a lawyer with experience handling federal investigations and well-versed in federal procedure.


We know how to handle these cases. We know how to talk to agents and how to advise you so that you do not make critical mistakes early in the process that will come back to haunt you. We also know how federal trial procedure. We know how each move you make will affect the outcome of the case.


If the case goes on, we can try it, no matter how complex the matter. We have access to investigators and experts that can equal the massive resources the government will use against you. We understand the finances, the paperwork, and the business practices that will become central to your defense. With the ability to move quickly and intelligently, your defense is in the best hands possible with Kendrick & Leonard.


The world of white collar crime has changed. The government is pursuing these cases vigorously and courts are handing out serious sentences. You need lawyers that understand these cases and can help you mount a real defense to this type of case.

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