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State Violent Crimes

From armed robbery to criminal sexual conduct to murder, an arrest for a violent crime can be one of the most serious legal problems you will face. These charges can lead to staggering sentences and severe legal consequences. The most experienced investigators and prosecutors will be working their hardest to put you in jail for the rest of your life.


You need defense attorneys with the same experience working on your behalf. We have defended every type of violent crime at trial and through plea negotiations. We have in-depth knowledge of these cases. We know how to craft an effective defense, locate witnesses, and use the law to gain every advantage you may need throughout the case. And if plea negotiations fail, we are not afraid to try your case and have the skills necessary to successfully to present your defense to a jury.


Don’t waste time if you have been charged with burglary, armed robbery, criminal sexual conduct, assault, or murder. Call us now. When facing serious charges and severe prison sentences, you need a law firm to stand between you and the people working to put you away – we are that law firm.

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