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State Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DUAC)

DUI cases are unique. When you get arrested for drinking and driving, the social stigma can be as difficult as the legal consequences. Every day the state legislature attempts to make the punishment for a DUI harsher. The intense public pressure related to recent high-profile DUI crashes makes these cases some of the most difficult and complex matters you will face in the legal system.


Our DUI record speaks for itself. We have won numerous trials and had many cases dismissed on motions, as well as reduced to lesser charges. We understand the technical aspects of these cases. Our ability to point out weaknesses in the Field Sobriety Tests and explain the “voodoo science” behind the Datamaster (Breathlyzer) machine have resulted in a significant number of not guilty verdicts in DUI trials.


You need serious trial lawyers to defend you in a DUI case. As an increasing number of jurisdictions implement “no plea” policies in response to public scrutiny, you need a law firm that is able to present your case to a jury of your peers. We are the serious trial lawyers you need for your DUI case.

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