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Federal Drug Charges

When the feds arrest you for drug charges, things are very different from the run of the mill drug case. The prosecution moves quicker, the sentences are higher, and the process is more unforgiving. You cannot afford to waste a single day. You need experienced federal lawyers to immediately begin your defense. Don’t wait until it is too late – call us now.


Federal drug cases have significant differences from what you may expect. They are often built on a foundation of cooperating witnesses, hearsay, and rumors. Even if the federal government cannot produce actual drugs, they will still attempt to put you in jail for frightening lengths of time.


Defending these cases involves a series of quick and complex decisions. From the day of your arrest, it is critical to begin evaluating your case and start determining the best defense. We understand the decisions that need to be made. More importantly, we understand the consequences of each decision we make. Our extensive experience defending federal drug cases allows us to competently guide you through one of these cases, start to finish. Let us start helping you now.

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