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About the Firm

The law firm of Kendrick & Leonard, P.C., was founded almost a decade ago. The firm concentrates on criminal defense and civil litigation in State and Federal courts throughout the state of South Carolina. The partners in the firm pride themselves on providing the very best representation while seeking creative resolutions to all legal situations, simple or complex.


Kendrick & Leonard has handled nearly every type of case imaginable. From suing one of the largest corporations in the world to defending a member of the most famous outlaw motorcycle club in the world, the law firm of Kendrick & Leonard has the experience you need to resolve any case, large or small. Having built strong relationships and earned the respect of prosecutors and law enforcement across the State, Kendrick & Leonard has the ability to work within the court system to reach a favorable result with a minimum of stress. Of course, not all cases can be resolved without a trial. Having tried hundreds of cases in magistrate courts, state circuit courts, and the federal courts, the law firm of Kendrick & Leonard is willing and able to try your case. The firm is highly experienced in trial work. It uses cutting-edge technology to present your case in a way that a jury will not only understand, but accept. In addition to the latest technology, Kendrick & Leonard uses the age-old fundamentals of exceptional cross-examination, creative witness presentation, and outstanding oral advocacy to present a second-to-none case on your behalf.


With offices in the state capital of Columbia, South Carolina and the quickly growing upstate town of Greenville, South Carolina, the law firm of Kendrick & Leonard stands ready to represent clients across the State.


Explore our website to learn more about the firm’s partners and practice areas. And always feel free to call us or e-mail us with any questions you may have.

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